What is Loader?

There are many advantages of adding a preloader to your website. Not only can this produce a nice visual effect, it can, more importantly, allow time for images and other assets to load.

Loader displays a loading animation until the browser fetched the whole web content and will fade out the moment the page has been completely cached. Because off the simplicity of Loader, you can choose from several styles and colors to adapt to your RapidWeaver project needs.

Live demo.

To see the live demo in action, you need to browse the pages using the navigation menu above.

Barber Shop

Stacks Image 962


Stacks Image 974

Center Circle

Stacks Image 984

Center Simple

Stacks Image 994

Fill Left

Stacks Image 1004

Flat Top

Stacks Image 1011


Stacks Image 1024

Big Counter

Stacks Image 967

Center Atom

Stacks Image 979

Center Radar

Stacks Image 989

Corner Indicator

Stacks Image 999


Stacks Image 1009

Loading Bar

Stacks Image 1019


Stacks Image 1029

Hud options.

Stacks Image 272
Stacks Image 666

Loader Settings

  • Style:
    This is the effect you choose for your Loader, you can choose from more than 14 effects... more coming!
  • Color:
    You can choose a different background for the Loader instance you place in the page.
  • Overlay:
    Choose what color your Loader Overlay will have before fadding your page.

Supported Browsers

We test all our RapidWeaver stacks extensively on the following browsers to make sure they will display correctly for you. This stack in compatible with the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • IE 11+

Stacks 3 Plugin is required to use this Stack