This RapidWeaver Stack allows you to add Countdown timer into your websites. It is perfect for displaying a Countdown to any upcoming event or occasion. Stack options allow you to select an event date and then customize colors, fonts, sizes, and other attributes of the countdown. All of this will enable you to beautifully incorporate this stack into your websites.

Live demo.

(Refresh to see the Count start go down again)

Hud options.


Date Options

  • setYear:
    Set your event year
  • setMonth:
    Set your event month
  • setDays:
    Set your event day
  • setHours:
    Set your event minutes
  • setMinutes:
    Set your event hour

Text Options

  • txtDays:
    Days title
  • txtHours:
    Hours title
  • txtMinutes:
    Minutes title
  • txtSeconds:
    Seconds title
  • txtFontStyle:
    Text font style: normal, italic, bold
  • txtFontSize:
    Text size
  • txtFontFamily:
    Text font
  • txtPosition:
    Text position: top, bottom
  • txtColor:
    Text color

Numbers Options

  • numFontFamily:
    Numbers font
  • numFontStyle:
    Numbers font style: normal, italic, bold
  • numFontSize:
    Numbers size
  • numColor:
    Numbers color


  • Space:
    Numbers font
  • counterBgr:
    Counter background color


We test all our RapidWeaver stacks extensively on the following browsers to make sure they will display correctly for you. This stack in compatible with the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • IE 11+

Stacks 3 Plugin is required to use this Stack